Thursday, December 6, 2012

Berry Bath Sundae with printable tag

I love creating fun gifts for the females in my life, and so when I came across this picture I knew I wanted to replicate it as a Berry Bath Sundae. ( I tried to find the original source but it had been removed.)

You will need:
Wide bowl parfait glass
Parfait spoon
Bath puff
Bath bomb
Bath salts
Printable tag
White cardstock
Red cardstock
Two lengths of red ribbon
Invisible scotch tape
Hole punch

To put together the sundae, layer the bath salts at the bottom, followed by the bath puff, then place the bath bomb on top.
Mount the tag onto the red cardstock.
 Secure the ribbon at the bottom of the glass with the scotch tape then attach the tag using the hole punch and tie at the top.

Easy and so cute!

Here is the printable tag to go with the sundae. To download the tag, simply click the picture, then right click and choose 'Print Picture As" and that should work!

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