Sunday, June 24, 2012

Organising Baby's closet

I am one of those people whose closets gets out of order rather frequently, even though I try to have some sort of system in place. Once Baby #2 comes along, I kneow I want a system for his clothes that is easy to manage and that others can follow, as there may be times when I want a specific top but am unable to get up, or if someone else is dressing him, or even if someone else is putting the laundry away. I found this on Pinterest and thought it looked too easy to work, but work it did!

First I cut out 6 6x4 pieces of cardstock in Butter Yellow, then printed the provided templates as 6x4 photos. The templates go up to six years, but I have only done the first year for now.

I then cut out the hanger part as instructed.

Lastly, I placed each divider in the closet to divide up all the clothes- easy peasy!

Now I know exacly where each size begins and it will be easy not to get clothes mixed up in the closet. You could laminate these or print them on thicker cardstock if needed, but I am very pleased with this as a temporary solution. When the baby grows out of each size, the plan is to cut off the hanger part of the divider and place the size part of the sign at the front of the box when I put away the clothes.

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