Thursday, June 7, 2012

New house and a Snow Day!

Sorry I have been offline for a while, we sold our house and had no internet while we moved over two weeks, working around painters, vinyl layers and other workmen. The new house is a lot bigger, and my son has loved running around in it. We had a lot of help with the moving, and I am so grateful to everyone who pitched in.

Luckily we moved in when we did, because yesterday the snow started! So I thought I would share some photos of the new house in the snow- plus my son playing. he was not very impressed at the snow and demanded to go back inside when he realised his precious Thomas gumboots were getting covered in snow!

The house at 8am in the morning.

Snow was still falling at 4pm.

Me and my son outside.

What is this stuff Mum?

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