Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Party Bag Bunting

This month's #30dayflip challenge was to make Something out of Nothing.

Now, I have lots of bits and pieces floating around at home just waiting for a project, but they all require some money (or my husband's handyman skills) in order to be finished.

I was sitting here pondering the challenge and then I got a message from my friend saying "I need some bunting tonight to use outdoors- can you help me?"

Well, this got my brain thinking. I didn't want to use cardstock as to me it would have been too flimsy for the outdoors, and my stash of vinyl was reduced to iron-on white, which wasn't appropriate either. My eyes then drifted to some leftover party bags from a craft show I had done a couple of weeks ago. They were a heavier feel than cardstock and coated to be damp-proof, plus they were lovely bright colours. So I set to work to make a bunting banner out of party bags!

I cut the sides out of each party bag, which gave me two seperate pieces to work with. I also cut out the handles of the bags.

I used my Cricut to cut the banner shape and got two pennants for each party bag rectangle. If you don't have a cutting machine, it would be easy enough to cut these using a template and add some holes with a hole punch.

Once I had my pennants, I arranged them into a pattern order of red and green. I am excited to use this again at Christmas by the way, how perfect will it be for my outdoor BBQs and festivities!

I attached each piece with some red and white twine I had in my craft stash. Depending on the occasion, you could use ribbon, wire or string to attach your bunting.

And here is the finished party bag bunting, ready to be hung up!

This got me thinking of all the possibilities- using extra goodie bags for bunting for a themed party would be the top of my list for trying this again! What would you use party bag bunting for?


  1. Very cute idea! This explains my paper hoarding habit..you never know when you'll need scrap paper for a school project or party. Nicely done! <3

  2. Great project. I love all the possibilities for buntings for party decor or even seasonal decor. I'll have to get one of those cricuts :)

  3. I love bunting!!!!! What a great idea!

  4. What a genius idea!! Great job.
    Thanks for linking up to #MummyMondays


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