Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Shaking up my Style

Recently, Nikki from Styling You suggested 35 tips to help shake up your style. Here are six of the tips that resonated with me, and how I am implementing them.

Treat yourself to a new lip colour.
I tend to shy away from bright lip colours, going with muted browns and some purples. However, when I saw this lipstick I had to have it. Apple Berry is the perfect colour for autumn with warm purple tones and it adds a great pop of colour to your face on gloomy days.

Be consistent with your home skin care routine.
After Christmas, I purchased a Cleansing Brush and this has totally changed the way I use my skincare. I enjoy washing my face now, as silly as that may sound! It is like having a mini facial every morning, and because I can use the brush in the shower it is so easy to cleanse my face properly.

Always wear sunscreen. The pay off will come over time.
I have always put sunscreen on my face since I am outside so often. However, I must admit I neglect my neck, shoulders and limbs a lot. Even after my melanoma scare, I have sometimes been in a rush to leave the house in the morning and have shrugged it off, but since January I have been slathering on the sunscreen every day.

Take daily photos of your outfits and save to a folder on your phone.
I fell off the #everydaystyle bandwagon while I was ill and recovering from my surgery and subsequent hospital stays, but I am now back sharing my daily outfits on Instagram. I sometimes feel a bit weird sharing my outfits, as I am by no means a model and I worry what people will think, but I must admit it has been a great way to meet other fashion-minded women and also create a visual diary of outfits I love.

Commit to spending more on the types of shoes you wear more often.
This resonated with me as I am on my feet all day, walking to and from everywhere, and yet I continue to spend $20 or less on shoes that fall apart after one season. I have always felt guilty about spending money on shoes, but now my poor feet have decided that enough is enough. I have been enjoying my Mox shoes, and these Grosby comfort boots feel like heaven to walk on! My feet are certainly a lot happier since I have started investing in quality shoes.

Wear horizontal stripes.
I have well and truly embraced the stripe in my wardrobe, and have worn horizontal stripes on a few occasions since reading this suggestion. I am now on the hunt for some striped long sleeved tops for autumn and winter.

To see the full 35 tips, click here.

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