Sunday, January 3, 2016

Pinterest Resolutions May-August 2015 Update

I am a little late (OK a lot late!) in updating these resolutions, but life does get in the way of my best intentions sometimes!

I did get around to most of these resolutions, and feel like the ones I didn't achieve are ones that may have been too ambitious when I was dealing with health problems.

The original post can be found here if you would like to see which projects I chose to complete fro my Pinterest boards.

I created a chocolate guitar with the help of my Cricut for my husband's birthday. Whilst not as grand as the one I pinned, it still worked out well and my husband really liked it.

I also made some fun personalised shirts for my nephews for Christmas (more on this later!)

My boys love the Chicken Freezer meals but weren't fussed on the fruit jellies.

I am still working on garage storage- my husband has built some shelves over the holidays and so the next step is to create the storage containers.

Come back tomorrow when I will share my Pinterest Resolutions for January-April 2016.

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  1. I love those custom garage shelves!! I have been wanting to get some shelves in our basement for our holiday storage instead of stacking all of the storage tubs on each other. I also love those shirts. I am going to be doing a personalized dish towel with my Silhouette soon. I hope it turns out!



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