Friday, January 22, 2016

Personalised Robot T-shirts

As part of the Christmas presents for my nephews, I decided to make them each their own t-shirt using my Cricut and the white Iron-On Vinyl.

I purchased some green T-shirts, and set about designing a robot image using the Robotz Cricut Cartridge. I then simply welded each nephew's initial into the centre of the robot's stomach, and sized each robot according to the T-shirt size.

To get the correct robot size for each shirt, I measured the length of the T-shirt and divided that by 2.25. I then used that measurement as the height for each robot, which kept the ratio even across all the shirts.

I used the instructions that came with the iron-on vinyl to mirror image cut each robot, then adhere it to the T-shirt.

My nephews were very happy with their new shirts!

This is a project that could easily be adapted for different themes or with more girly images. I have lots more projects planned- check out this Frozen Tote Bag I also created with the Iron-On Vinyl.

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