Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Why I do Style Dares

I completed most of the Fox in Flats Style Dare for May, and really loved some of the outfit combinations.

I  have had a few people ask why I bother to take selfies and document my outfits daily, when I also have lots of other things to do during the day and also need to get my boys out the door each morning.

I find that knowing what I am going to wear each day actually makes the day start smoother. I used to try on a few different items each morning and then end up rushing out the door, but a Style Dare gives me a clear goal of what my outfit should be like. Yes I have days where I do the school run in my workout gear or don't quite manage to see a hairbrush, but for the most part my clothes are sorted.

One of the best things about this Style Dare is rediscovering things in my wardrobe. This top had been languishing in my closet, and the last time I had worn it was Christmas 2014. However, it fit the brief for Pure Gold perfectly, and it translated well to an Autumn piece when layered with my jacket.

One of my favourite prompts was Sparkly, as I had just received this fabulous new dress and needed an occasion to wear it. This meant I could wear sparkles during the day and feel amazing- it was just the push I needed to wear this dress instead of saving it for a special night out.

One of the other prompts that pushed me out of my comfort zone was Marsala- the colour for 2015 that I have never worn near my face as it brings out my redness. I did have some more berry tones in my wardrobe that could pass for this colour, and this ended up being one of my favourite outfits for the month.

I even got my family in on the fun with the Dynamic Duo prompt, as I matched my outfit colours with my son's wardrobe choice. This necklace was chosen for me by my boys too, so it was a special outfit and the boys loved that I was wearing "their" colours and the gift!

Andrea does an amazing job of compiling these style dares, and there is a real sense of community on Instagram when we use the hashtags and comment on each other's photos. I have a lot of women in my Instagram feed who can put together an effortless outfit, and while my photos may not be perfectly posed or in the best lighting as we usually take them in the morning as I am rushing out the door, I will continue to do these dares as a way to push my style boundaries, find things in my wardrobe, and be part of an amazing group of women.

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  1. I am in LOVE with that last outfit. I have a really hard time documenting my outfits EVERY day, but I do love doing it once a week. I have done a few 30x30 challenges where I did have to document it each day and it was really fun and I learned a lot of ways to style the clothes I have... I just feel sometimes its hard to get motivated to do it, so kudos to you!


  2. That last outfit is gorgeous and so is your cute accessory. Aren't Andrea's style challenges awesome. Zoe xx


  3. I think your marsla outfit is my favourite too! :)

    I really like the style dares for the same reasons you listed - it's good having an idea of what to wear to make getting dressed easier/quicker and a reason to wear those pieces we'd often feel like we need a special event to wear them too! :)

    It's great motivation, and a lot of fun following the hashtag on instagram.

    Away From The Blue

  4. I think style dares are such a great way to shake yourself out of a wardrobe rut. Loving the statement necklace on you! Bron x

  5. How fabulous are Andrea's style dares - I love the whole community spirit xx

  6. This is a great monthly style challenge. I pinned it so I can do it in the future. I am glad you are back posting OOTDs Lauren. 3 great ones but my favorite is the middle one. That plum color is gorgeous on you. =)

    Have a great weekend! Ada. =)


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