Monday, April 27, 2015

Poppins Book Nook- Farms

Welcome back to the second installment of the Poppins Book Nook for 2015-2016.

This month's theme is Farms!

We have lots of books about farms at home- a good mix of fiction and non-fiction. Here are some of the books we have been reading this month.

Snack time on farm themed day was tractor tyres- Oreo biscuits with an M&M attached using a little bit of melted chocolate.

As we snuggled up for some TV time with our snack, there was even a Bubble Guppies episode about farms!

We also watched this video about Tractors on the farm.

The boys love tractors, so I put some brown food colouring in a shallow dish and then told them to add some dirt (shaving foam) and mix it together. They then had fun driving their tractors across a messy field.

We also created some green playdough using this recipe:
3 cups flour
1/4 cup cooking oil
1/2 cup salt
few drops green food colouring
water to mix

Put all ingredients in a bowl; slowly add water until the mixture becomes a firm dough.

We used this green playdough as our field, and the boys planted some foam flowers in the field. We also put a fence around the field with popsicle sticks.

We used a counting mat from Mommy School and created some chickens out of modeling clay to put on our mats.

We had a great time reading about farms, re-visiting classic songs and having fun with tractors and messy play. Click below to see how other members of Poppins Book Nook were inspired!

 Clip art by MelonHeadz.

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  1. It looks like you had a great time exploring life on the farm this month!
    Thank you for helping to bring a spoonful of reading fun to the Poppins Book Nook this month!


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