Monday, April 6, 2015

Playroom Planning- Part Two

If you missed last week's post, we were starting to tidy up the second bedroom to create a playroom space.

When we left off, the playroom looked like this:

Now, it looks like this when you walk into the room.

The left hand side of the room has the two toyboxes, as well as some fun canvas prints and some Winnie The Pooh cross stitch designs I did when I was a girl. The curtains we kept as is, since my mum made them for us when we first moved in and they match the room perfectly.

The large bookcase is now full of books for both of the boys to read, as well as their magazines and some Sesame Street flash cards.

Opposite the bookcase is this tent, where the boys can read in peace and have a rest! That clown cushion is another piece from my childhood that my mother made, which is now being put to good use in the reading tent.

We also grabbed a secondhand whiteboard for the boys to use, and created a mini art area where the boys can draw and paint.The cupboards have paper, crayons, pencils and everything they need to create a masterpiece!

I love this alphabet wall decal we bought when Adam was a baby, which we have left on the wall as a fun addition to the playroom.

All of the artwork created by the boys will hang up on this black frame.

I still wanted to keep our painted bookcase, so that now houses some of the bigger toys and sits by the Lego table.

I love all the bright and cheery primary colours in the playroom, and the mix and match decor.

The best thing about this makeover was that it was done in a weekend and cost us nothing as we used items that we already had. Now we have a bright, sunny space for the boys to play in, where I am also happy to sit and have a coffee and watch them create.

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  1. I'm still shocked that you did this without spending any money. It looks great!


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