Monday, March 9, 2015

St Patrick's Day Family Fun!

St Patrick's Day this year falls on a Tuesday, so my eldest will be at school for most of the day. However, I still plan on having a fun breakfast and dinner, as well as some activities for my 2 year old during the day.

Breakfast starts off the day, and I have discovered a healthier option than dying pancakes green- check out this adorable Lucky Rainbow breakfast from Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons. I will use toast instead of a pancake though, as it is a school morning so I will be a bit rushed.


Lunch for Lucas is going to be green grapes, green jelly, a four leaf clover sandwich made from four hearts, lime yoghurt and some pretzels.

Lucas wants to take a gift to his teacher- I know that this is common in America but not sure if it is widely done here in New Zealand. If we do go ahead with a gift for his teacher, it will be similar to this one with a few green items.

 When Lucas gets home from school, these printables will be the perfect homework for him!


I have a fun craft planned for Adam during the day as well, and I will be making green Play-Doh for him, adding in green and gold glitter.


Dinner will be Irish Nachos- yum!

After tea, I plan to do this gold coin treasure hunt as they boys will get a kick out of watching the leprechaun rocks dissolve. I will prepare these in the weekend so that they have time to dry, and hide them while the boys are finishing their dinner.


If you need some ideas for St Patrick's Day, check out my Pinterest board!

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