Monday, March 23, 2015

Our Pantry Remodel

Here is the second post of my house mini makeover, and today I am showing you my new pantry.

When we moved into our house, the pantry space was OK but it was rather cramped and messy once I got all my stuff in.

I had some great Tupperware containers, but my pantry was only half-done storage wise and I also had a lot of junk in the pantry that really didn't belong there. The drawers in the pantry were also in an awkward position and I couldn't get into the bottom drawer without moving some of my appliances, which were all shoved down the bottom.

Another of the problematic areas of the pantry was the overlapping shelves. Items would get shoved into the corner and then it was very hard to get them again, and I ended up purchasing things twice because I couldn't see what I had. I also had half a shelf full with random containers and craft supplies that didn't belong in the pantry and were taking up valuable space.

My husband got to work and decided to completely redo the shelving.

We also moved the drawers to the other part of the pantry, so that I could reach them more easily.

Now I have large shelves with more space, more depth and no overlapping corners!

I also finished up my Tupperware storage, and added some extra liners leftover from this project for my oils, dressings and sauces so that I did not have to wipe down the shelves as often.

It is so nice to have a pantry that works, and simply changing the shelving and placement of the drawers has made a huge difference in keeping the pnatry tidy!


  1. WOW! I think redoing the shelves so they weren't a little higher or lower on each side of the pantry was a HUGE improvement! Don't you wonder why things are done they way they are sometimes? I love how you used your tupperware to organize everything, too!

  2. That will make such a difference. I love an organised panty.


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