Thursday, November 13, 2014

Virtual Book Club For Kids (Eric Litwin)

We have discovered a new favourite book character- Pete The Cat, created by Eric Litwin.

My eldest is due to start school soon, and so Pete The Cat- Rocking in My School Shoes seemed like a good choice for bedtime reading.

Lucas quickly picked up the repetition and loved singing along with all of the activities. Pete went to school on the bus, played on the playground and visited the library, all the while rocking in his school shoes.

Adam is only two and so he was quite happy to sing along to an old favourite, jazzed up by Pete The Cat.

Since both of these books feature a yellow school bus, we had a great time creating our own buses. This was great for Lucas to focus on his creativity, and for Adam to talk about colours and shapes.

Adam started off by gluing the shapes down- he is very independent so I helped him with placement but he had to glue everything himself.

We talked about circles and squares, counted the wheels and windows, and also talked about the three colours.

Lucas was happy to glue and then decided his bus needed some extra colour, so out came the drawing items. Then Dad came home, and decided that Adam's bus also added some extra flair. The result...

It is so nice when the whole family can get involved in activities like this- I am not sure who had the most fun!

To see what other Eric Litwin activities have been going on, please head over to the Virtual Book Club for Kids Facebook page and check out the latest posts!

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