Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Kimono, Get Happy!

Kimono tops are set to be a huge fashion feature this spring and summer, and with good reason. Perfect for throwing over a swimsuit, using when the weather turns cooler or wearing them as a party dress, kimonos can be extremely versatile.

Styling You shows how a kimono can jazz up a basic outfit, and the marvelous Kimba has shared how to wear a kimono during the school runs. Sonia Styling is another beautiful blogger embracing the kimono for springtime. These three lovely ladies know what they are talking about, so when they all mentioned kimonos I decided it was time for me to scout around and find some of my favourites!

Here are my picks for Kimono options in New Zealand and Australia.

Kimono, Get Happy

These range in price, but are all very reasonable for a wardrobe item that will quickly become a staple. Ezibuy currently even has a special when your purchase two of their kimonos! The white lace option from Boohoo really can be worn over anything, and the floral options provide a fun pick-me-up for those days where you want to feel fresh and pretty.

I am currently loving the Boohoo Lace Kimono and the Emerge Blue Kimono the best and they may find themselves onto my early Christmas present list- what is your favourite kimono out of this bunch?

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  1. I finally added one to my wardrobe but it's definitely a special occasion style and I'm really wanting to add a couple that are more casual day to day. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. The lace one is very pretty and very well priced too!

  3. I love a good kimono and would like to add a full length one to my arsenal but haven't found one I like yet.
    Thanks for linking up on Fashionomics Friday!


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