Friday, May 30, 2014

Virtual Book Club For Kids- Mem Fox

This month's author for The Virtual Book Club For Kids is Mem Fox. She has written so many wonderful books, and Where Is The Green Sheep? has been a firm favourite in our household. However, this month we have had fun reading her book The Magic Hat.

The Magic Hat is a great book for encouraging imagination, and Lucas really liked the idea of having a magic hat of his own. We set out to make his own Magic Hat. First he chose a red base strip, which we measured out around his head and cut down to a 4" width.

I got out a variety of things to stick on his hat, such as stickers, paper scraps and foam shapes. Lucas loved lining up the alphabet stickers!

He also added some other bits and pieces to his hat, and did a bit of colouring.

When Lucas was finished, he had a great decorated strip.

We stapled this together, and Lucas had his very own magic hat!

I am linking up with this moth's Virtual Book Club For Kids Blog Hop- sorry it is a bit late, I had done the activity but forgot to write up the post until today! I hope you still enjoy it and get inspired to make your own magic hat.


  1. cool! Where is the Green Sheep is SUCH a great book. :o) We got to see Mem Fox reading aloud at Adelaide writers week this year - exciting aye?!

  2. I LOVE Mem Fox. So many beautiful books.

    What a sweet activity here. Thanks so much for sharing.


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