Sunday, February 16, 2014


This week I have done a lot more structured play with my children, and the benefits have been huge for the whole family. No longer have I been left wondering how to fill in the last two hours before dinner, or trying to cram in an activity when the kids are tired and less than cooperative.

Lucas was so excited to go for a bike ride in the forest.

We had so much fun playing dress up and Adam looked like such a little dude in these glasses.

Joining in over here.


  1. Soooo envying you your weather right now!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  2. My boys love playing dress up - (even still at 10 and 13...shh don't tell anyone : ) They will do it for hours! They have competitions. I have to judge - the funniest, the coolest, the best, the weirdest etc. The dress up box is made up of things we have accumulated over the years. Some of it from thrift stores - graduation robes, costumes, etc. Some of it is old sheets cut to make a shepherd costume. All of it inexpensive or free! Enjoy!

    Kingdom Life & Blessings

  3. Love that shirt and those sun glasses on your little guy!

    Stopping in from BYB.


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