Thursday, November 7, 2013

Preparing For Christmas

How on earth is it November already? I am feeling rather slack as I still haven't finished Adam's baby album from July. But at least I feel like I am one step ahead of Christmas this year.

As part of my Pinterest Resolutions, I vowed to get ready for Christmas in November. I thought I would share this wonderful guide from The Complete Guide To Imperfect Homemaking. Kelly is an amazing blogger and I wanted to share my spin on her helpful checklist.

First on the list is a deep clean- which is a completely separate item on my Pinterest Resolutions and will be getting its own post.

Getting a Christmas photo taken has always been on my list- the first year was a breeze but now with two boisterous boys this year could be interesting!

I love decorating my house and so the next item on my list of things to do will be to create some Christmas d├ęcor. As we have Lucas' birthday a week before Christmas I tend to decorate the house on the weekend before Christmas so that Lucas doesn't have Christmas items mixing with his birthday party decorations. I have a beautiful cross-stitch to finish, so this gives me some time! We have an advent calendar that goes up for the boys to check their task each day. We will also be hanging up Christmas lights this year, but that is one of hubby's jobs.

When the house is looking good, then I think I need to look good too! I have booked in at Surreal Hair and Beauty for a cut and colour- some much needed me time and a break from the Christmas rush will be lovely.

I have yet to decide what the boys will be wearing this year, but I won't be buying a new outfit for everyone as the list suggests since we have plenty of dressy clothes. However, the boys do need new socks and undies, which I will be grabbing in the Farmers sale this week to avoid the malls in December.

Setting the date for parties is a big one here as we have Lucas' birthday as well as two other family birthdays in December. We also have social events each year, and my husband kindly volunteered our house for some of the festivities. All of our Sundays in December are already booked up and so making sure my diary is up-to-date for each week has been really helpful.

As well as having enough birthday food, we need to have some freezer meals and the pantry stocked. I usually do a slow cooker meal each Friday, so I will be doubling this and putting half in my Tupperware to freeze. I also have discovered that I can convert my Flybuys points into supermarket gift cards, so that takes care of the Christmas stock up for all my pantry items.

I have organised a Secret Santa for everyone in my immediate family and have already bought presents for each of the nieces and nephews. I am keeping track of what I have purchased using a simple document in Microsoft Word. I have to make a few of the gifts for in-laws but that will also be covered in a separate post.

Finally, I need to plan the activities for our Advent Calendar this year. I do a December Daily album each year, and it is fun coming up with items to do. We always include things like making cookies, seeing Christmas lights and watching a Christmas movie, but I would love any suggestions of things you do as a family at Christmas. I bought some adorable Red Mini Pegs to use on the calendar this year, now I just need ideas!

I hope this helps you to get motivated and start planning some of your Christmas tasks. I would love to hear what you have planned for your Christmas, as well as any tips for getting organised.

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  1. Wow that makes me exhausted thinking about it!!! I am thrilled that I am your present giver for the blogger event for Xmas, my thought are swirling through my head.... but you have way more thoughts and stuff than me. See you there.


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