Saturday, August 31, 2013

Bananas, Baked Beans and Blood

The title of this post sounds like the world's most unappetising recipe- but these are actually some of the stains I come across on a daily basis. With two active boys in our house, their clothes certainly take a beating! My 13 month old son loves bananas, baked beans are a standard lunch, and my older boy is prone to bleeding noses.

Luckily, Napisan has been a saviour to my washing. I used to scrutinise every single piece of clothing before it went in the wash, but lately I have been using Napisan in each load and I have been really impressed with the results. I have also tried it as a soaking option and as a paste, and I thought you may like to see the results.

Firstly- the bananas. These are my son's pant after a banana and some yogurt at lunchtime.

I soaked these overnight in Napisan and then ran them through the washing machine on a cold wash. The result? No more banana or yogurt! I didn't even rinse the food off first.

Baked bean sauce was spilt down the front of a rather nice hooded jersey. The jersey sat unnoticed for a few days in the washing pile, and I came across it in the morning. With no time to soak before doing a load of washing, I just added some Napisan to my cold wash.

It still managed to get rid of the tomato sauce with no soaking required.

Lastly, my son had a bleeding nose and wiped it with his sleeve.

Blood calls for some heavy duty stain removal action, so I made a paste with the Napisan and some cold water and rubbed it into the sleeve. I could see it working as I rubbed it in.

After drying in the sun, the sleeve was back to normal.

I have a few more piles of washing, including stained bibs and dull whites, that I will share photos of with you once they have been given the Napisan treatment. It is very satisfying to see clean washing instead of scrutinising each piece of clothing and having to do two or more treatments.

I would love to hear any stain removal tips you have!

*Disclosure: Some of the products mentioned here were provided to me in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. Where do you get this magical stuff? We could use it!!

    1. It is available in New Zealand- not sure about an American supplier sorry!


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