Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fitness- Keeping Track

I am exactly 3kg away from my goal weight, and I am finding that sometimes I need to hold myself accountable for what goes into my mouth and how much exercise I do. Enter my secret weapon- I thought I would share this site with you becuase it has been a huge help for me ever since I started my weight loss journey four years ago before I got married.

Fitday is a free website that allows you to track your weight, body measurements, food intake and exercise. I find it really easy to do as I am on the computer at least once a day anyway, and I can quickly enter in what I have eaten, my weight for the day and any exercise that I may have done, as well as my weekly body measurements. It really helps to see how far I have come.

Being an American site, there are some foods that it does not recognise, but there is a custom food feature so that you can copy the Nutritional Information into the programme and then it saves the information as a custom food. You can also look up your recent foods so that if there is a food you eat regularly, you do not have to search for it every time.

Fitday is a great way for me to keep track of any issues I may have as it also shows me if there is any vitamins and minerals I am lacking, the balance of my fat, protein, carbs and alcohol intake, and also my percentage of  the RDI of certain things such as Iron and Calcium, which are important for my age and gender. You can also set your own specific goals to suit your needs.

Please note that I do not get anything out of reccommending Fitday to people, nor does Fitday know that I am promoting them. I just want to share how great this website is and I hope that you check it out.

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