Sunday, May 6, 2012

NSD: My Day of Fun!

It is National Scrapbooking Day (NSD) In America today and I have been playing along with some of the challenges. I am currently working on my son's album, so I based my challenges around his photos and finally got to use some of my newer Digital Kit purchases. The challenges were posted as part of the Creative Memories Go Digital Fan Page. You can find them here on Facebook.

Speed Scrap #2- Nancy O'Dell Recipe Kit, Modern Kitchen Kit. Font used is Andalus.
  1. Choose 5 photos. Pick one for a focal photo.
  2. Choose 3 patterned papers. Make 1 the background.
  3. Make your focal photo large & the other 4 small but equal in size. Line up the 4 small photos in a row.
  4. Add 2 rectangles to the page. and fill with the other 2 patterned papers. Layer them behind the photos.
  5. Add 3 ribbons.
  6. Add 3-5 embellishments.
  7. Add title, jounaling and date.

Speed Scrap #4- Rugged Digital Predesigned Pages, Rugged Outdoors Digital Additions, Cow: CM Digital Freebie, Title font: Desyree, Font: Brook 23.
  1. Select several pictures that go together to tell a story.
  2. Arrange your pictures into a collage, adjusting the sizes to fit nicely to fill the center of the page.
  3. Select a background paper to compliment the photos/story.
  4. Add one large mat behind the group of photos--choose a paper, photo mat or embellishment to suit the grouping.
  5. Add a title using insert text shape.
  6. Add or tag or journal mat and other embellishments as desired.
  7. Add your text and date.

Speed Scrap #5- What A View Digital Kit, Discover Digital Power Palette for Summer title, CM Digital Freebie Frame, Tag from Webdings Shapes, Distressed Digital Embellishments and Totally Fun Digital Kit used. Font is Brook 23.
  1.  Pick 4-5 photos. Make them all the same size.
  2. Pick 2 patterned papers & 1 solid colour to match. Make 1 patterned paper the background.
  3. Insert a shape & make it very large. Fill it with the solid colour you've chosen.
  4. Mat all your photos with the second patterned paper.
  5. Add a frame to the page, anywhere you like.
  6. Add embellishments as you like but include at least one brad.
  7. Add title, date & journaling. Add shadows if you wish.

Speed Scrap #8- Just Fun Kit, Wishful Kit, Serene Kit and Basic Stitching Embellishments. Font is Brook 23.
  1. Choose 3 photos, make one larger and the other two smaller. Keep pictures in a cluster and/or a line.
  2. Layer 2 patterned papers, reducing opacity of the top one so that the lower one shows through. Place behind the pictures.
  3. Since those two papers are now like one paper, choose one more patterned paper or mat AND add any shape to your page and fill with 1 cardstock color.
  4. Layer both the paper/mat and cardstock behind your pics using as a clustered mat.
  5. Cut corners on your photos. You can choose to do all photos or some; you can choose all corners of a photo or some.
  6. Add 4 embellishments.
  7. Add title, date, and journaling.

Speed Scrap #9 using Bunny Hop Digital Kit, Just Fun Alpha Set, Serene Alpha Set, Cheerful Alpha Set and Monkey Business Digital Additions. Font is Brook 23.
  1. Choose 5 photos
  2. Choose 2 papers. Make one the background
  3. Make 2 of the photos large and line them up, and make the other 3 small and place them as desired
  4. Add a rectangle of the second paper to mat some of the photos and use the edge cutter on one edge.
  5. Using fancy text, create a heading. Use at least 3 different alpha sets.
  6. Add 3-5 other embellishments. Include at least one tag and one flower.
  7. Add journaling and date.

It was so much fun to see the interpretations of each Speed Scrap I participated in. I would love to see what you can come up with using these guidelines too!

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