Friday, September 2, 2011

Craft: Father's Day Card

Father's Day is this Sunday here in New Zealand, so here is a quick an easy card to whip up using paper scraps.

Oragami Shirt and Tie Father's day Card.

You will need:
One sheet patterned paper
12 inch Rotary trimmer with straight and scoring blades
Tape runner or other similar adhesive
Cardstock in 2 colours -a light colour and darker colour to match the patterned paper
Small scrap of matching plain paper
Happy Father's Day stamp- from teeny Tiny Sentiments stamp set
Brads to match your coloured paper

Firstly, cut your patterned paper to 4x6 inches, keeping the cut offs aside for later.

Change to the scoring blade and score down each long side at about 1 1/4 inches in.

Flip the paper over and then fold up the bottom of the paper in about half an inch, like so:
Flip the paper over again  and fold in the corners of the folded over edge to meet in the middle.

Take the bottom sides and fan them out, then add adhesive to the sides and along the bottom.
Fold the fanned up sides and bottom of the paper towards the top of the card to form a square.
To make the tie, take your plain paper and cut it into a 2x2 inch square.
Fold the square in half then unfold it.
Fold the two bottom edges up to meet in the middle and make a kite like shape.
Fold up the bottom third of the point towards the triangle.
Flip the paper towards you so that the triangle is at the top, fold it back, and then turn it over again. It should look like this (minus the manky finger!):

Turn it back over and fold the triangle piece up the top and let it overlap slightly.

Turn the peice of paper over again and stick the overlapping piece down, and then fold in the two sides in a kite shape once again, adhering them to the paper.

When you turn it back over you should have your tie!

Stick the tie on to the front of the shirt, and there you have your finished shirt and tie.
To make your card, cut the darker coloured cardstock to 6x10 inches, and then score at 5 inches.
With your lighter coloured cardstock, cut it to 4x5 inches.
Punch brads through the top two corners of lighter cardstock, then adhere to the darker card with tape runner.

Stick on the oragami shirt and tie.
Using the shirt cutoff, attach a strip to bottom of the lighter cardstock.
To make the title, stamp the Happy Father's Day greeting using co-ordinating ink (I used Bashful Blue) onto a scrap of the lighter coloured cardstock, then mat with the darker cardstock.
Stick this onto the card between the shirt strip and the lighter cardstock, and there you have it, a cute Father's Day card that the man in your life will love.

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