Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Virtual Book Club For Kids (Marcus Pfister)

This month, the author for the Virtual Book Club for Kids is Marcus Pfister. He is best known for his book The Rainbow Fish, but we decided to read another one of his fabulous books- Questions, Questions. This is full of lovely rhyming questions about nature, the world around us and seasons. It provokes a lot of thinking for both adults and children, and is a great conversation starter for inquisitive kids.

One of the pages in the book talks about apples, so the first thing we did was colour in a letter a on a paper plate then cut it out to look like an apple since A was our letter of the week. Unfortunately my memory card malfunctioned, so this is the only photo I have of the colouring activity!

Lucas was most interested in the question- "What turns the rain on in the sky, and brings the sun to make things dry?"

We decided to do an experiment to see how rain works. We got a glass and filled it with hot water, then put a plate over top.

In a couple of minutes, condensation started forming at the top. Lucas was quite excited to see some mini clouds in the glass!

The next step was to put some ice on top of the plate, to see what happens when the warm air hits the cold air. It was difficult to get a picture, but the condensation started dripping back into the glass, making it rain.

Lucas and Adam were also excited to play with the ice cubes and watch them melt- another learning experience for them!

I am linking up with Mom's Library and the Virtual Book Club for Kids- come and see what everyone else has done based on Marcus Pfister.

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